Unsupervised Learning Working Party - Tutorials


Please find below a list of tutorials which cover topics on Unsupervised Learning teachniques, including technical background and coding approaches.

01: Unsupervised Learning - Background

Entry   Link Description
1 :computer: What is Machine Learning? Background to Machine Learning
2 :computer: Unsupervised background An overview of what Unsupervised Learning is about
3 :computer: Comparison vs Supervised A brief overview comparison between unsupervised vs other techniques e.g. supervised
4 :computer: Real world applications Examples of where machine learning is used in the real world
5 :computer: Actuarial applications Examples of current and potential use in the actuarial industry

02: Overview of Unsupervised Approaches

Entry   Link Description
1 :computer: Clustering Description
2 :computer: Association rules Description
3 :computer: Dimensionality reduction Description

03: Unsupervised networks

Entry   Link Description
1 :computer: Hopfield Description
2 :computer: Boltzmann Description
3 :computer: RBM Description
4 :computer: Stacked Boltzmann Description
5 :computer: Helmholtz Description
6 :computer: Autoencoder Description

04: Coding

Entry   Link Description
1 :computer: Python Description
2 :computer: Numpy Description
3 :computer: Pandas Description
4 :computer: Tensorflow Description
5 :computer: Keras Description
6 :computer: SciKit Description