Members’ Profile

image-left John Ng
John Ng is Senior Data Scientist and Actuary at RGA, providing predictive modelling solutions and research insights for clients on mortality, morbidity, biometrics, actuarial pricing and digital distribution. Previously he designed and led Automated Machine Learning platforms to price a range of personal lines products. John is passionate about promoting the adoption of advance and responsible data science within the actuarial community.

image-left Małgorzata Śmietanka
Małgorzata Śmietanka is PhD researcher in the UCL Computer Science Department, leading the Actuari project at UCL and insurance industry collaboration through UCL spinout Actuari Ltd

image-left Jonathan Bowden
Jonathan Bowden is an Associate Actuary and Data Scientist with experience in Banking and Non-life Insurance and has developed models across a range of applications, including statistical risk analyses and data investigations for banks, insurers and government entities. He is passionate about solving problems using machine learning techniques and is always looking to learn more.

image-left Claudio Giancaterino
Claudio Giancaterino is an actuary and a data science enthusiast in his free time. He likes to participate in hackathon competitions, and is delighted to attend projects about data science topics.

image-left Zack Chan
Zack is a qualified actuary and currently studying Computing Science at Imperial College London. He has a wide range of experience in general insurance reserving, capital and risk management, having worked in Singapore and more recently in the UK.

image-left Afzaal Ahmed
Afzaal is a qualified Actuary with experience primarily within life insurance consulting, where he specialised in modelling and transaction engagements. In recent years he has been involved in the technology space where he specialised in the development and sale of web applications directly to end-users. Afzaal is passionate about solution development within the field of data analysis.