Examples of Real-World Applications

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Machine Learning is becoming prominent in our day-to-day lives. We probably are unaware that machine learning is being used by businesses and enterprises to simplify tasks and bring a wider service to us as a user. Below are some real-world examples of where machine learning is being used.

Examples - Machine Learning

  • Image recognition
    Social media apps such as Facebook use machine learning to give suggestions for “tagging” people in photos.

  • Speech recognition
    Amazon Alexa or Google Home uses machine learning to interpret speech commands to produce search results or take instruction.

  • Travel
    Google Maps for example can interpret a large volume of data via machine learning techniques to suggest alternative quicker routes whilst driving.

  • Communication
    Email messages and smart phones now give suggested responses when they notice certain text “triggers”.

  • Chat bots
    More services are being provided via online platforms. Given the volume of potential traffic, chat bots can be used to automate responses, minimising the need of human interaction with the aim of hopefully addressing the user’s queries efficiently and quickly.

Examples - Unsupervised Learning for Businesses

  • Customer Segmentation
    Unsupervised learning techniques can be used to group or segment different customers, for example to understand customer behavour and hence build different business strategies.

  • Association rules
    When I search or buy something from Amazon, the next time I log in, Amazon recommends related products or show related adverts based on my search or puchase history.

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